Videos Of Girls Accidentally Peeing Themselves In Public

Girl Pees Herself in Public - looks horrified

Girl Pees Herself in Public – looks horrified

NOTE: Since posting this, we’ve also added women shitting themselves in public, so make sure you check that out once you’re done here.

It can happen to the best of us (though I’m glad it’s never happened to me). You’re out in public minding your own business when suddenly you get the urge to pee. Sometimes your body gives you a warning and you can try and make it to the toilet, other times, it just happens there and then and you didn’t even get the chance to stop what you’re doing.

So today, we figured we’d bring you a bunch of video of women accidentally doing a wee while in public.

Scroll down for a really horrid bonus video!

Number 1 – Sexy Dance
This guy thinks he’s really lucky as a hot woman is dancing over his prone body, gyrating her hips and giving him an altogether good time in public. That is, until it all goes horribly wrong and she begins to piss on him!

Number 2 – Trampoline Bounce
If you’ve got a weak bladder, jumping up and down on the trampoline is just asking for trouble!!!

Number 3 – Piggy Back Ride Pee
Picture this — you’re giving your sister a piggy back ride — you know, just mucking round as you do. And then she goes and pisses on your head!

Number 4 – Trampoline Backflip Pee
It’s those darn trampoline’s again causing all the problems. What’s so funny about this particular video is that you can see the pee come streaming out and the absolute look of horror on her face when she realises it’s happening — priceless.

Number 5 – Girl Poo’s Pants While Twerking

And as a bonus – Girl accidentally shits herself while trying to twerk (it’s near the end).

Videos of Women accidentally wetting their pants in public.
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Videos of Women accidentally wetting their pants in public.
Hilarious videos of women accidentally wetting their pants on camera!

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