Top 10 1830’s Behaviour Rules For Women

Top 10 1830's Behaviour Rules For Women

Top 10 1830’s Behaviour Rules For Women – image courtesy of Storm Crypt

Things have come a long way in the last 180+ years.

Once upon a time they were restricted to household duties and subservience to men.

These days, not only can women vote — they can become Prime Minister / President of a country.

But it wasn’t also so. In his 1830’s book, Mr. Charles Varle, Esquire described the way women should act.

Here are the top 10 ways a woman of the time should act and behave.

  1. Avoid everything masculine
  2. Be not too often seen in public
  3. Form no friendship with men
  4. If you talk in society, talk only about those things which you understand
  5. Endeavor to write and speak grammatically (yeah, tell that to today’s texting generation)
  6. Fondness for finery shows as bad a taste as neatness and simplicity imply a good one
  7. Let not love begin on your part
  8. Make no great intimacies with anybody
  9. Read no novels, but let your study be History, Geography, Biography and other instructive books
  10. You cannot be too circumspect in matters of love and marriage; and remember that whereas the character of a young lady is considered angelic, any blemish in it, would withdraw the respect men have for you

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