Uncensored #McChicken Video – Guy Has Sex With A Chicken Burger!

Guy Has Sex With A Chicken Burger

Guy Has Sex With A Chicken Burger – image courtesy of Julian

I don’t know what’s more fucked up – the fact that this guy videoed himself having sex with a chicken burger and then posted it for the whole internet to see, or the fact that it’s gone so viral!

People have sex with weird stuff all the time, things like donkeys and computers, so what’s so weird about a chicken burger?

I can bet though that the Big M is not liking all this coverage of some pervert tickling his todger in one of their McChicken’s!

Can you think what it’s doing to their brand reputation?

Can you imagine how fewer McChicken burger they’re going to sell now — who wants to picture this guy fucking a burger when you’re trying to eat one yourself?

I know you’re hanging for the video, so check it out below and let’s hope it doesn’t get pulled from the net too soon! BTW – the video has a popup but I can’t do anything about it sorry — I hate them like fuck, but SendVid forces them on you!


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