Why You Shouldn’t Eat Live Spiders

Why you shouldn't eat live Spiders

Why you shouldn’t eat live Spiders – image courtesy YouTube

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t eat live spiders!

Well, unless you’re Bear Grylls.

But even then, it’s never a clever thing to do.

If you’d said that to Nuruddin Muhammad (who goes by the Youtube handle of Junior Haha) he wouldn’t have believed you.

That is, until his spider swallowing stunt went terribly wrong and the Tarantula he was trying to swallow ended up biting him on the tongue!

His previous posts included videos of him eating a cactus, the world’s hottest chilli pepper and even a live scorpion.

But the tarantula wasn’t having any of it and got it’s revenge by biting Junior Haha as he attempted to eat it.

As he began chewing on the arachnid, it sank it’s fangs into his tongue.

“That’s what I am talkin’ bout bitches” he said after finishing chewing it up.

But as he opened his mouth to show it was gone, blood began dripping out of his mouth.

The next day he said his mouth felt like he’d “swallowed a bunch of mini nails” due to the spider’s hairs becoming stuck on his tongue.

He also said he was sweating pretty badly and felt like he was going to die.

Lucky for him, Tarantula’s aren’t particularly poisonous and his swollen, painful tongue should improve in a day or two.

So next time you’re thinking of eating a live spider, you might want to think twice!

Check out the video — but beware it’s not for the squeamish!


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