Bad Google Translations – Chinese Edition

Bad Google Translations - Chinese Edition

Bad Google Translations – Chinese Edition – image courtesy

Google translate has improved over the years – in fact they’ve plugged in an Artificial Intelligence that not only invented it’s own language, but learnt to translate between languages it hadn’t been trained to do + increase the quality of translations for languages it already knew.

Despite that, it still seems to have a real problem translating Chinese to English (and I’m guessing any other language as well).

To save you the time of spending hours trying to find the best mis-translations, here’s 12 clangers:

  1. Wuhan “absolutely dead poison division” to open the factory system out of “zombie medicine” exported to Europe and the United States
  2. Nortel teacher scouting test chaos: kneeling licking dig manure tranquility on the ancestors and school motto
  3. Friends come home to take drugs do not stop also pleased to pull people to join
  4. Million yuan dog was stolen cooking because there is no permit to pay 8 yuan per catty police response
  5. Chengdu subway “cock lay eggs” vulgar advertising has been suspended by the public complaints
  6. Mentally retarded peasant woman lost on high-speed road dancing
  7. Zhanjiang company to buy 8 tons of major whales to feed the dog
  8. Uncle roof naked exercise two years neighbors: the screen is too dirty to see
  9. Suspected to be wearing a green hat, his wife on her pants coated with poisonous pesticides to death, because she and friends … … public security that
  10. Taiwan, a man chopped cleaners were sentenced to 7 months to save cockroaches
  11. Chengdu Genital Hospital added ham detection of golden grape ball
  12. O cattle pure milk tofu brain

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