Chinese Toilet Loving Peeping Tom Arrested

Chinese Toilet Loving Peeping Tom Arrested

Chinese Toilet Loving Peeping Tom Arrested – image courtesy

Ms. Zhang (first name not supplied) was having a nice meal at a hot pot restaurant located on Qinyuan Road in the Wuchang District of China when she felt the need to go to the toilet.

Although it was a unisex toilet i.e it had both men and women using the facilities, Ms. Zhang thought nothing more and went into the stall.

As she pulled down her panties to take a leak she noticed that the partition to the stall next door had been cut off well above ground height.

Not only that, there was a guy’s face peering through the gap watching her pee!

Pulling up her knickers, the shocked patron hurried out and shouted to one of the waiters asking him to come and investigate.

While waiting for him to arrive she kicked at the door of the peeping tom’s stall, but he refused to open it.

The police were then called to the scene and arrested a guy by the name of Huang and charged him with infringement of privacy.

Although shaken, Ms. Zhang said she was still angry at Huang but should get over it in a couple of days and wished she’d had the chance to kick the pervert square in the nuts!



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