Drug Fucked Dolphins Get High on Blowfish

Drug Fucked Dolphins Get High on Blowfish

Drug Fucked Dolphins Get High on Blowfish – image courtesy MDRP

There’s a lot of way to get high using plants – Marijuana, Heroin (made from Poppies), Magic mushrooms.

There’s also plenty of animals you can use to get high – Cane Toads (Australians have been known to lick them), Bullet Ant (used by the Satere-Mawe) and believe it or not Giraffe’s (their bone marrow and liver reportedly contains DMT and other psychoactive components).

Although getting ripped off your tits is usually reserved for the human race, it turns out that Dolphins may actually be the drug-fiends of the ocean and get high on, of all things, Blowfish!

BTW – see below for a bonus video of a Dolphin using a fish to masturbate!!!

While filming “Dolphins – Spy in the Pod”, the crew noticed that Dolphins would sometimes grab a Blowfish, chew on it for a while and then pass it around to it’s friends.

While the friends had a nibble, the stoner Dolphin would get a glazed look on it’s face and just float there having a great time and seemed to be very relaxed.

Although Blowfish are incredibly poisonous, and no-one would recommend chomping down on one, it seems the Dolphins either have a tolerance or only digest small amounts of the animal’s deadly neurotoxin when they munch on it.

A lot of scientists don’t agree that the Dolphins are getting high, but according to the documentary makers, that’s definitely what they’re doing — why else would they share it with their friends and not completely kill it.

They also noted that during one of their filming sessions, a particular Dolphin was swimming along on it’s back, repeatedly throwing a Blowfish into the air, catching it, taking a deep suck and then repeating the process — they were obviously addicted to getting high if you want to know my opinion!

Dolphins aren’t the only animal known to get wasted:

  • Elephants and Monkeys get drunk
  • Horses eat a legume that gets them off their faces
  • Reindeer love eating Magic Mushrooms; and
  • Capuchin Monkeys eat a variety of hallucinogenic Millipedes!

As for the bonus video of Dolphins pleasuring themselves with a dead fish, check out this NSFW video!!! Be warned though, once you’ve seen a male Dolphin fucking a dead, headless fish, you can NEVER unsee it!


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