Iron Crotch Kung Fu – How To Grow Balls of Steel (Video)

Iron Crotch Kung Fu - How To Grow Balls of Steel (Video)

Iron Crotch Kung Fu – How To Grow Balls of Steel (Video)

Got a problem with ED?

An issue with Premature Ejaculation?

Or just want to be able to gracefully take a blow to the testicles next time a woman doesn’t like your cheesy pickup line.

Then Iron Crotch Kung Fu might just be the sport for you!

Not content hit let someone else punch him in the man-jewels, in this rather wince-enducing video, Master Yaobin not only punches himself in the balls, he repeatedly hits himself in the gonads with a brick!

And then after he’s done proving he’s got balls or iron, lets someone swing a massive wooden poll straight into his goolies!

Fucking fruit-cake if you ask me!!!

When asked how he manages it, Master Yaobin says it took him 10 years of training to work up to it (not to mention countless bags of ice and pain-killers).

Why asked “why the fuck?” he said that this sort of resistance training was great for sexual function — though I’d think after being repeatedly kicked, punched and smashed in the testicles, the last thing you’re going to want to do is have sex!

Once only passed down secretly to members of his family, the Master would like to share the technique with anyone who wants to learn — though you’ve obviously got to understand there’s “no gain without the pain”.

Whatever you think of having your balls repeatedly punched, there’s a high demand for his services — not least of all on cheesy reality TV shows!

And as for curing Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation — I guess you’ll just have to go through 10 years of pain to find out if it’s true or not!


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